August 27, 2011

The Gifts Just Keep Rolling In...

--sunny days with the kiddos
--the park with sweet friends
--impromptu lunches
--school days that go well
--bare feet in the grass
--paper plates
--perfectly roasted marshmallows
--gathering around the fire pit with my little family
--little girls growing up (even though we don't want them to!)
--sleeping little boys
--siblings playing together
--time in the Bible all alone
--Jillian Michael's kicking my tail each morning
--jump ropes
--science lessons
--the Bible app on the tab
--the NLT read to Sophie in the mornings (also on the tab) so she can begin spending some time in the Word on her own (and that she loves that there is one person who narrates and a different person for each quote!!!)
--Family Quest
--sweet voices lifted in praise
--the many silly, crazy songs and dances this precious girl creates!
--sweet little boy grins
--watching Ethan eating a roasted marshmallow
--friends for my children whose parents strive to share Christ in all they do
--God's sovereign plan in the lives of may come unexpectedly, but the joy of the perfect gift sent in God's perfect timing is pretty much indescribable
--watching God use man's folly for His glory
--sitting next to the hubby in the couch watching The West Wing
--seeing college students back in the pews

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