July 23, 2011

A Week of Firsts

So, we had lots of firsts in our house this week:

-Though we have visited the pool quite a few times this summer, this was actually the first week that the water was warm enough for me to actually go under the water and play in the deep end.  Yeah, I'm a wimp!
-For the first time this week, Sophie tried swimming in the deep end without her life jacket.  Though she did more dog paddling than actual swimming, she still did great and had a blast.
-Also, this week marks the first time that Sophie did the monkey bars at the pool without her life jacket.  She was a pro.  She's far more brave than I was at that age...OK, she's far more brave than I am now!
-This was the first week that Ethan jumped into the pool without holding onto our hands.  He would just stand at the edge and jump out to us.  He loved it!
-During playgroup this week, Ethan jumped off the diving board all by himself for the first time.  I was a little worried because I couldn't touch, so I knew that I couldn't catch him, but he was really good at keeping his mouth closed...and he even got his nose plugged a few times! 
-This week also marks the first time that we were planning for a true family vacation!  Can't wait to go!
-Tomorrow will be the first time since Sophie started attending the congregational worship service with us that Kevin and I will both be leading worship.  Sophie will be sitting with a sweet couple from our small group for the worship portion and then we'll be able to join her for the preaching portion.  I will truly miss getting to have her next to me during worship, but I am also excited for her to be with church family to see them worshipping a little more closely than usual!  God is good and I know that He will use this time to bring His truth to her in some way!

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