July 14, 2011

Guess what...that's right...more randomness!

I feel like I have tons to say and nothing at all to say, all at the same time!  I guess I'll just dive right in!!!

--I have finished the basic outline for the first semester of school for all of our subjects.  I feel so overwhelmed, nervous, excited, and crazy all at the same time!!!!  I still will need to take the time to make my more detailed list of what I need and exactly what will happen with each subject's lesson each day.  At this point, I am thinking I will do that one week at a time.  I am just so overwhelmed right now, I can't imagine doing all of that intricate work right now!  In fact, I had a moment yesterday where I just wanted to throw my hands up and enroll her in public school.  But, then God gently reminded me He was asking us to do this, He would supply all we needed, and that rarely the things He asks us to do seem easy to us...they require us to do things we could never do on our own.  This definitely qualifies as something I cannot do on my own.  Already this venture has increased my prayer life...and I am sure that will continue!  (And a big thanks to my mom and dad who spent pretty much all day yesterday watching the kiddos so I could finish up all that work!)

--As I have been working on the lesson plans, God has really laid Christian public school teachers on my heart.  I feel so blessed to know so many who pour their hearts and lives out for the souls and minds of children in communities all over the country.  Thank you for working so tirelessly, despite the restrictions that have been placed on you.  Please, keep doing all God has called you to do.  He can change the world through your influence!!!  I will be spending this school year praying that God will lead and guide you, as well as give you Divine boldness to share Him at every opportunity!

--We went out three times to jump on mom's trampoline today.  Though I am pretty sure I will be regretting that decision tomorrow, it sure was fun!  The girl's loved it!  They jumped and jumped and laughed and laughed!  It made me feel like a kid again. I need that every now and then!  Tomorrow, we'll have to stay in and play games because I am pretty sure I won't even be able to drag myself out of bed.  Perhaps we should get a trampoline so I can get exercise and we can get PE credits?!?!?!?

--I am watching House Hunters International and I am now sure of two things.  1) I really, really, really, really want to go to Italy (honey, we'll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2013--nudge, nudge, wink, wink), and 2) I am so blessed to live in the US where the houses actually have space!  Those homes and apartments are so tiny!  Seriously, in every room you can stand in the middle and reach a wall with each hand.  (But the gelato sure looks good!)

--Why is it that when I am on "vacation" and actually have more time on my hands, I somehow find even less time for God and the Word than I do normally?  I hate that.  Why can't I be as dedicated and consistent when I am not in my own house?  Argh....being a human really stinks sometimes.  Lord, help me to be deliberate and consistent in my time in Your Word and prayer.  Remind me of my need for You in every area of my life, at all times, no matter where I am.  Lord, guide and direct!

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