July 09, 2011

1,000 Gifts Week 9

744) Time spent with family
752) helping hands
755) Patriotic music
758) relaxing pool day
759) productive meetings
801) long naps
803) learning something new on the blog (notice, I now have a page of my fave links!)
806) watching kids put money in the blessing jars and hearing what they were thankful for (and they BOTH came up with those things on their own! Ethan's were admittedly a little funny...but his first blessing: God! Love him!)
808) lesson plans done for week 1 of school
810) God showing His faithfulness in friend's lives
812) creativity
813) hubby willing to take a week off and serve others
815) Dominos Pizza
817) warm showers melting away a headache
820) good travel moments for friends
821) excitement for a trip to moms

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