July 03, 2011

1,000 Gifts Week 8

Wow!  Has it really been 2 months since I started keeping track of all these amazing gifts God has given me?!?!?!  Time has really flown by!  Anyway, here are some of the many gifts of the last weeks, in both word and picture!

--family that lives close by
--sweet children with sweet smiles
--a mother overflowing with love
--a father who serves faithfully
--sisters who love my family as much as theirs
--aunts who are loving, creative, craftsy, and willing to love on their extended family
--Bible study with amazing church family
--days that start with sunshine
--relaxing days at the pool
--unsolicited hugs and kisses from my Gift Girl and Blessing Boy
--a little piece of family history in a tiny little bird house
--praying with family for family
--exercise with sweet family members
--amazing women who plan fun playgroups
--great times at playgroup
--encouragement from friends and family
--loving and understanding husband

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