July 15, 2011

1000 Gifts Week 10

-Time with family
-cousins playing
-kid's games
-safe travel
-awe and wonder at God's creation
-a mother I enjoy spending time with
-anticipation of a great vacation
-clean laundry
-God's hand print on "ordinary" things
-watching a teacher passionately describe teaching her students
-God's healing hand
-home made donuts for breakfast
-trusting in God's sovereignty even when it's hard to see
-a husband who is far more patient than I am
-Apples to Apples with parents, sisters, cousins, and aunts
-sleeping in...at least 1 day!
-moonlight swim with Gift Girl
-reminders of the truly important things in life
-shocking reminders of the shortness of life
-great spiritual growth in the midst of trials
-Swiss Cake Rolls
-reminders of the overflowing blessings we've been given--big and small
-a husband willing to serve in Christ's name, even when it means a week with no income for our family
-the peace of trusting in the only One who provides
-healthy children
-children that can scream, throw fits, smile, laugh, and give hugs
-wireless Internet

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