June 08, 2011

Sweet Moments

Around 11:30 last night as I walked past Ethan's room, I could hear him in there just talking away.  Why in the world was he still awake?!?!?!  I went in with the intention telling him to lay down, be quiet, and get to sleep.  But, when I went in, he smiled at me so big and sweet, that I couldn't help but walk in and enjoy a few sweet moments with my Blessing boy!  We sat there and talked and laughed for about 5 minutes.  Then I decided that this would be a good time to do some scripture with him, so we sang Lincoln Brewster's "Love the Lord".  He loved it!!!!  What a precious memory!  Lord, thank you for keeping me awake to share this sweet time with Blessing Boy!  What a gift!  Continue to slow me down and interrupt my plans so I can see You in each and every moment!

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