June 06, 2011


Lots of exciting things going on around here!  I want to share three of them with you!  I must say, before I proceed, there may be things in this post with which you may not agree...the purpose of the post is not to start a debate, but to share what God is doing in our family and in our church.  I ask that you be polite and understanding with any responses!  Thanks!!!!!

First, I was so excited when, in church yesterday, Bro. Jeff announced that they are planning our first Family Mission Trip!  I have been wanting to take a mission trip as a whole family since Sophie was born.  Now, we've done some missions/service projects here in town, but I am totally excited about doing something beyond our city limits!  And even more excited about doing it as a family!  Talk about putting faith in action!  What a great way to put what we're learning in Family Quest and Family Worship Time in action.  I cannot wait!  Thank You, Lord, for laying this on our pastor's heart.  Show us what we can do to prepare and participate in this trip.

Second, though I don't really know all the details, I know that our children's ministry is working hard to take a big step in our children's lives.  So excited to see how God will move in this area!  Children and families will be changed forever, I am sure!  Thank you to Mr. Doug and his team for working so hard to be sure that our children are taught God's Word at every opportunity!

Last, and most controversial I am sure, I am so excited that Sophie has started coming into the worship service with us.  OK, so, she's actually only come one time...yesterday...but it was such a blessing to her mommy!  As I knew she would, she did great during the music.  It melted my heart hearing her belt out, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength." (Thanks, Lincoln Brewster for such an easy song for us to grasp onto!)  I was a little worried about how the sermon portion of the service would go.  But, after reading an article by Noel Piper, I had a few ideas and off we went.  Kevin and I both feel very strongly that the worship service (particularly the sermon portion) is not the time for kids to learn how to sit still and be quiet, or to just read and color and do their own thing.  If they are going to be there, then they need to be paying attention.  So, following Mrs. Piper's suggestion, we got her her own notebook and pencil and asked her to listen to Bro. Jeff and draw pictures of the things he was talking about.  She did great!  She talked a little more than I had hoped, mainly because she was describing her pictures or asking what she should draw next, but she still did a great job listening and "illustrating" his sermon.  And it was a great way to talk her about the sermon on the way home.  We pulled out her notebook and went picture by picture and she explained what she drew and how it fit his sermon, and then we explained the things that she didn't quite understand or remember.  I know that bringing your children to service isn't for everyone (and we have a while before we try this with Ethan!), but I just have to say it was such a blessing!  If you can try it, even just once, I highly encourage it!  It will be a blessing to you and your child.  I really can't even put it into words!  Kevin and I went back and forth about whether or not to try and start bringing her into the service for more than just the songs, then God showed us this article (http://www.desiringgod.org/resource-library/articles/the-family-together-in-gods-presence ), and we knew that He was asking us to at least give it a try!  So glad we were obedient! I look forward to this blessing week after week and I look forward to seeing how God uses this to mold, shape, and change, not only Sophie, but Kevin and I as well!!!!!

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