June 25, 2011

1,000 Gifts Week 7...and yes, a little randomness!

What a week it has been!  I feel like I have been running non-stop, have gotten nothing done, but can't really tell you what it is I have been running around doing!  Anyone else ever have those weeks?  The laundry is finally all folded, but nowhere near being put away!  Baby steps are good, right?  ;)  Last night, I had so much I wanted to sit down and write, but just no motivation to do it.  Today I am motivated to do it, but alas, cannot remember anything that I was thinking I would write last night!  I am sure there were some funny stories from the week and some not so deep thoughts, but they all escape me at the moment!

--First, a few websites I have come to love.  I have been inspired, printed off fun worksheets for the kiddos, and even discovered some very tasty recipes:  http://www.aholyexperience.com/  and http://www.confessionsofahomeschooler.blogspot.com/  The author of the first blog is also the author of the 1,000 Gifts book that I have been referencing.  She has some great downloads and links to some great resources for scripture memory and ways to stay focused on what truly matters in life!  Hope you enjoy! 

--I've had a lot of fun with the kids this week.  We finally had some sunshine after all the rain and got some good time at the pool.  Sophie was finally brave enough to try the "monkey bars" at the city pool...and I was so proud of her!  She made it all the way across by herself (well, not on the first try, but it only took two attempts!).  She just kept going again and again and again!  It was so fun to watch her each time!

--We had our, hopefully, first Ladies Learning Night at church.  We made laundry soap.  There were only three of us (and our crazy kiddos) but we had a blast!  It was fun to fellowship, laugh, and learn together.  And, it was interesting to learn that KJ and Ethan can apparently open doors to the playground all by themselves!  Who knew!  Looking forward to more of those in the future!

I guess it's time to share some of my gifts from this week.  I am finding that I am writing less on my list each day, but it's not because I am not noticing His gifts, but, rather, taking more time to enjoy the gifts!  He is good!

670) dinner with friends
672) safety in a storm
675) funny YouTube videos
676) skinned knees
679) reminders of God's provision in His word
681) great afternoon/fellowship at the pool
682) lifetime friends
686) Back Yard Olympics (who knew I could challenge a teenager in hula hooping?!?!)
691) reading Psalms first thing in the morning
693) time in the Word and prayer next to my hubby
696) musicals
698) time alone
700) baking with the kiddos
704) time in the Word outside in the warm sun
706) fellowship with 2 sweet ladies
711) time alone to clean
713) daddy helping Gift Girl make jewelry (and using it as a math lesson because they are doing the jewelry with patters!  Yep, pretty sure he has just earned the job of Math Teacher here at McSmith Academy!)

Just a few more gifts, in picture form:

Brother and Sister reading!

My silly little Blessing Boy!

Cookie Dough!!!

The first time I've ever made granola...and it was good!

They've only met like 3 times in their life, but you'd think they were best friends who hang out all the time!  Thank You, Lord, for forever friends!

Same for these two!

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