June 18, 2011

1,000 Gifts Week 6...and a little randomness!

OK, what I am about to admit is going to make me sound like a fool; but I am going to admit it anyway!  Every time we have a storm, I can't help but think, "Is today the day?  Is the rapture about to happen?"  I'll give you a few minutes to stop laughing.  OK, now I'll make a feeble attempt to explain myself.  Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's all those childish explanations for thunder when we were young, but when I hear thunder, I can't help but think of God.  The deep rolling sound just makes me think that, at times, that must be exactly what His voice sounds like.  Then, when the thunder dies down and you are just hearing the gentle sound of rain, I can't help but be reminded of His still, small voice.  So you see, in one storm I see the powerful, almighty side of God, as well as the gentle, loving side.  I think this is why I love thunderstorms so much.  I find very little more comforting than being surrounded by a thunderstorm and sitting on the couch all wrapped up in a blanket next to the hubster on the couch.  Why that makes me think the rapture is about to happen, I have no idea.  I guess because, if I am to be totally honest, part of me is scared of that event because I don't understand it, nor do I fully comprehend what life eternally with the Savior will be like! Anyway, last night was no exception.  I mean, I honestly haven't heard thunder that long and loud EVER, at least I don't remember it.  I actually had to roll over and see if Kevin was still there to make sure the rapture didn't come and I got left behind!  Told you I was going to sound foolish!  Hopefully this brought a little smile to your day!

On to my 1,000 Gifts list for this week.  I still cannot believe how much this one simple act has changed my heart and my outlook on life.  We are working really hard to help Sophie to have a grateful and thankful heart (though at the moment, I think her age is winning out) and I cannot wait until that day comes.  That day when it clicks that all things, good and bad, are a gift from God.  That all things are first sifted through His hand and then lavished on us from that same hand!  This week, in particular, God was evident in even more, most likely because I specifically started praying each day that He would reveal Himself in some way.  And did He ever:
632) unplanned naps
635) vacation planning
642) early morning rainfall
645) sweet smiles from Gift Girl and Blessing Boy
647) Beth Moore
650) excitement to dig into His Word
655) stories from a children's Bible speaking to my heart
657) new life
662) squash blossoms
665) homemade laundry soap
669) generosity of others
670) being humbled by God's revelation

 Small Group Kids playing and having fun!
 Hubby who fixing things without being asked!
Brother and Sister at the table together, working independently!  Maybe this whole home school thing will work after all!

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  1. I love thunder storms too! We get them every afternoon in the summer. Isn't amazing how huge and powerful and yet how gentle and quiet our God is? Great list--especially a husband who fixes things:)