June 10, 2011

1,000 Gifts-Week 5

Well, it's been a long week!  VBS, hanging out with friend's kids, getting ready for a weekend trip!  I am using our new laptop and don't have any pics on here, so sorry, but it will only be text this evening!

545) good night's sleep
548) prayer journal
553) Sonic happy hour
554) productive meetings
556) encouraging posts on FB notes
558) dogs chasing squirrels
564) kids playing silly games
566) camera to catch every moment
570) reminder that I am not in control
572) laughter in the sunshine
575) friends to share burdens
578) tight hugs from sweet kids
579) adoption testimonies
583) folded clothes
585) hard honesty
588) exercise
591) lazy mornings
543) loading the car
598) learning from older, Godly women
599) first week of new Scripture memorization complete
601) exuberant children

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