May 18, 2011

So many things....

Kevin and I have been reading several books lately, together and separately, and my mind is just going a mile a minute.  So many things I want to know more about, so many things I want to research to see if they are Biblically sound, so many areas where I want to see what the Bible says and what God has to say to me about it...and yet so overwhelmed I don't think I even know where to start!  I can't help but feel our family, and perhaps even our church, are right on the verge of a real breakthrough in following God in new and exciting ways, yet, I don't know what those ways are or where He is asking us to follow!  Ahhhh!  It's a little scary and a little exciting all at the same time.

We've already started some new things: We are doing "family worship" each day.  If this term sounds foreign or weird to you, don't freak out.  It just means we are being purposeful about spending time in the Word as a family and offering praise to God as a family through prayer and occasionally through song.  We have decided to be purposeful about making sure we don't ever end a day without worshipping God through His word and prayer as a family.  Now, to be sure, we would like to be more faithful to this.  We don't have a set time each day (though we do usually end up doing it before bed time, but that is not set in stone) and we are looking forward into going much deeper in these times as our children get older.  Sophie is already asking really good questions!  I truly love watching Kevin as he answers her questions and leads her to scripture to show that is where all Gods answers are for each of us. 

I have also started listing gifts that I see God giving me each day.  Sometimes it feels very forced, but each day that I do it, I find I can see things with a new, fresh set of eyes.  As I continue making the list each day, I see that all things, even those I may not view as a gift, are gifts that have been sifted through the Father's hands.  Even when, to me, it seems as though it's the worst possible thing that could happen, God has sifted it and placed it in my life to lead me to Him and to cause me to turn to Him in trust and praise.  I felt this most on Sunday morning as I was sitting in my sister's church, feeling a little out of place because it wasn't "my home", but every song was sweeter, more meaningful, in light of the thought that all things come from Him.  All things are gifts.  The song "Enough" was just almost too much to sing in light of the hundreds of gifts I had listed to that point.  Even if He hadn't given me a single one of those gifts, it is still 100% true that God and God alone is more than enough for this human!  The writing down of the gifts only serves to remind me of that....not sure how, but it does!

Still curious to see how God will move our hearts in other ways, big and small, and home, at church, and in the world.  One we way already know He is going to shake us up is with the decision to home school. Though I walk into this with quite a bit of fear, I also head into it very excited!  I am so excited to be able to show my daughter that God is truly in everything, from math to science, to art.  He is the creator of all and He is in all and above all.  I look forward to how God is going to change me and teach me and mold me through this process, as well.  I know we will have our struggles and days when we don't get along and the learning doesn't go well, but I pray those days are quickly forgotten by the days of sitting side by side marveling at the the Lord has done in nature, in our world, and in our home.  Lord, bless this adventure You alone have set before us.  Strengthen us for the task of discipling our children through their education, both their education in academic subjects and their education in the Word.  Equip us with all we need to raise this Gift Girl and Blessing Boy so they will come to know You at an early age, walk through life with You, lean on You, trust in You, and lead others to You.  Use this time of homeschooling to enable them to do all those things knowing that You alone are in all things and have made all things!

PS---Just a few book suggestions for you:  Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper; one thousand gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp; Family Driven Faith by Voddie Baucham (Let me give just a note on this book: He is a very opinionated man, who has spent much time and research developing these opinions.  Chances are, you will not agree with everything in this book, but please, keep reading it.  He will challenge you to look at your own life and your own family and seek God for what He would have you to do!  Trust me, it is worth the read!!!)

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