May 28, 2011

1,000 Gifts-Week 3

Another week has flown by...and there have been hundreds of things to be thankful for again this week!  I didn't take nearly as many pictures this week, not sure why, but here are some things I am thankful for, and just a few pics to go with them!

329) washer and dryer
331) toothbrush
334) like-mindedness
337) safe travel
338) Blessing Boy back in my arms
348) Joshua and Jericho
353) the reminder that life is short
357) Gift Girl's love for spelling everything she sees!
359) Zumba
360) seeing God at work in others
364) thunder
367) the mystery of money left over in the grocery budget
369) chances to teach Gift Girl about praying for others
373) good news for sick children
380) Old Navy
385) churches with a passion for God-honoring drama
388) hearing "Hi Mommy" so sweetly first thing in the morning
399) morning without clouds and rain
404) butter cream icing
405) friends with birthdays
407) rejoicing with and for those who are celebrating the joy of new life in their lives
411) an understanding Hubby

Making noodles with Blessing Boy

The gift of great Christian children's videos

Gift Girl and Blessing Boy

impromptu family picnics at the park

Sophie climbing her first tree

playing so sweetly together

Family Quest

Blessing Boy's silliness

She's growing up

Whoopie Pies!

Syrup covered Blessing Boy

Gift Girl and her imagination (this is a sheep pen, complete with sheep!)

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