May 18, 2011

1,000 Gifts---Week 2 (Sort of)

Well, I realize that this week isn't exactly over, yet, but we are headed out of town tomorrow for a great weekend of fun, fellowship, and worship with some great families...and I assume I won't have Internet, so I wanted to do this now while I had a few minutes.  I know if I put it off, I'll never do.  I don't have any pics this week, but here are just a few of the things I am thankful for so far this week!

169) watching Daddy and son together
180) Sophie randomly spouting off math facts
186) home made laundry soap
188) a hubby willing to run our errands in the rain
198) the sound of slow, steady rain
206) worshipping as a family in the car
208) hearing Sophie sing the words, "through His blood we can be free."
211) deaf hands raised in praise to their Creator
213) such a short list of gifts making even the simplest song of praise come alive
215) God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit
224) my little Blessing Boy always wearing his baseball cap backwards
231) the opportunity to discipline (First, it means my children are living and healthy enough to make bad choices.  Second, it gives all of us a chance to review our behavior, motivations, and to change those things in order to move us closer to the One who Created us!)
240) Impromptu park dinners
244) Psalms
248) the desire to praise God for the "Ugly Beautiful"
259) brownies from scratch
263) my veggies are still far
270) brothers and sisters that can argue with one another
289) my Blessing Boy's hands laying gently on my face
292) singing loudly in the car
293) parents to keep my little Blessing Boy for the weekend

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