May 09, 2011

1000 Gifts: learning to have an attitude of gratitude for all His gifts!

So, just last week I started reading the book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are by Ann Voskamp.  Though I am not finished reading it, yet, it has really challenged me to look at my life, right where I am, and see beyond my complaints and irritations to see all the gifts God has given us.  It's much more in depth than that, but if you're interested, read the book!  It's good!

Anyway, so she has begun to spend her days making a list of 1,000 things she is grateful for each day.  No, she doesn't sit and make the list all at once, she has a notebook and pen that she keeps with her, along with her camera, so as God brings things to mind, she can write them on her list.  In my house, we definitely have a gratitude problem!  (Mainly with Sophie and I!)  So, Sophie and I are going to start making our own lists.  For Sophie, I am starting small.  She'll list one thing each morning she is thankful for, and we will spend the day thanking God for that one thing.  As she gets better with writing and spelling, I will get her a notebook and she can begin making her lists each day.  I have a notebook (thanks to Karen Whetstone and Jennifer Humiston) that I will be making a list in throughout each day.  Not sure that I'll get to 1,000 each day, but I am going to try!  Praying that this will make me more aware of God's touch in all areas of our lives, that He will use this to change my heart and attitude, and that this will make our family one filled with His love and joy as we are overwhelmed by the amazing amount of good gifts God gives us each day.  I will also try to put some of my lists on here...probably will not be a list every day, but hopefully once a week.   Sometimes it will just be a list, other times there will be pictures, too.   I'll start with just a few from today.

-Sweet time in God's word and prayer to start the day.
-cuddle and giggle time with my two little ones this morning.
-chocolate cereal for breakfast.
-A husband who loves me...and even fixed the air conditioner this morning!
-The ability to read books.
-Old Maid-Princess Style
-homemade ice cream
-5 year old laughter

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