April 07, 2011

A Little Something New This Week

Not sure if I have mentioned this before or not, but our small group is reading the book Famly Driven Faith by Vodie Baucham.  Now, I must say that there are things in the book I totally agree with, things I definitely don't agree with, and many, many things that have really made me take a long, hard look at my faith, my lifestyle, and how our family does life.  One of the things his family does really struck home and we have done for the last several days: family worship.  Admittedly, we kind of walked into this blind and didn't really know how to do worship with a 5 year old and a 2 year old and have both of them paying attention at the same time.  While there have been bumpy moments, and I am not sure that Ethan is picking anything up from the Bible portion, it has been a great experience for mom and dad.  I was very overwhelmed with the thought of doing this at all.  I am sooooo not a Bible scholar and I'm not real great at explaining things.  I read scripts, that's what I am good at, but Kevin and I both knew this was something we needed to add to our day and there would be times that Kevin would be gone and I would have to step in and lead.  Fortunately, Kevin has been here everyday so far, but the day will come!  So, I headed to the internet and printed off a catechism we could do toghether.  God is so goood!  On the week that both kiddos had birthdays, we started the week with the questions, "Who created you?  What else did God create?  Why did God create you and everything else?"  It was such a help in bringing the birthday focus back to God, and not just all about "us".  For the music portion of our worship, we decided to use two of the songs the band is leading in worship in church this week, "Our God Saves" and "For Who You Are".  There was some dancing around, and it may have been more about releasing energy than praising, but it sure melted my heart this evening in the car when both kids sang along with the songs when they played on the mp3 player.  There were tears in my eyes!  They really were paying attention, at least to the song.  We'll see tomorrow morning if they can remember what the song is about and why we sing it!

Lord, thank you for these sweet worship times we've been having!  Help us to be consistant and insistent on this time as a family, even as the years make it harder and harder.  Give Kevin and I the wisdom we need as we lead them through the truth of Your word and choose songs and scriptures that will shape their hearts and minds.  Show us how to love our children as You love them.  Show us how to discipline them to lead them to restoration and changed lives, rather than just to not embarrass us at the moment.  Lord, lead us!  Lead our family!

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