April 17, 2011

I've Got a Full Heart and an Overloaded Brain!

Wow!  What a week this has been.  So much is on my mind and heart that I have no idea where to start or even how to put into words all that I am feeling and thinking.  So, I think I will just randomly spew forth things as they come to mind!

-Is it possible for a person's (or a group of people's) decision to be divinely foolish?  By this I mean, is it possible that a person can make a decision that, in the human mind, is so dumb, so foolish, that the only way they could have reached that decision was through Divine intervention?  Someone I love was on the rough end of one of these kinds of decisions this week.  Truly, there is no way that this decision would have just popped into some one's mind, but that the hand of God placed it there for them.  It's clear to see His hand, when you look past the awkwardness, fear, anger, and shock.  I have been so impressed and proud with this dear friend and how through every moment she has turned all glory, worry, fear, joy, shock, and every other possible emotion over to God!  What an example she is to me.  Lord, allow me to learn grace, humility, and faith from this wonderful woman!!!!  Use her family to spread your name in ways they never thought imaginable!

-I have been reading through Leviticus this week...wow...it is so hard for me to keep plunging ahead in this book.  On the surface, it's just a bunch of rules, regulations, and directions that seemingly have no impact on life today.  Each day as I have been reading it has been so tempting to just skip on ahead to something that's a little more interesting, that might impact me a little more.  But, two things hit me today as I was reading....1) the importance of obedience.  Not that obedience is the main idea from those passages, but I couldn't help but see that they were given very strict, detailed instructions.  If God didn't want them followed, He wouldn't have given them, right?  If He wasn't planning to show us more of Himself through the tabernacle and the sacrifices and offerings, He wouldn't have cared to give them such specific details.  It was only through obedience to the commands that He had given them could they see more of Him and could we then see how Christ was the fulfillment of these events.  I guess the obedience issue jumped out to me mostly because we have really been working on immediate obedience in our house.  If you aren't doing what you are asked, when you are asked, with a good heart attitude, then it's not obedience.  That seems even more important when it's regarding the tabernacle where God received sacrifices, offerings, and met with His people.  2) It made me so much more grateful that Christ was the one sacrifice for all.  I don't think that I could ever remember all the rules and regulations and get the right sacrifice for the right sin and at the right time and what not!  I would have been stressed out the whole time!  At the same time, I love seeing how Christ is the final fulfillment of every  one of those rules and regulations!  And that means even more so close to Easter.  Hallelujah!  Thank you Lord for all You've done!  Thank You for standing in my place for my sin.  Thank You for taking the punishment for my bad choices.  Lord, remind me every day of your grace and mercy!

-Before I start this next thought, please note: I am not trying to start a debate or fight in any way, just trying to share what's happening in our lives right now.  Kevin and I have been praying and thinking through whether to home school or send Sophie to public school.  The list of pros and cons for each are long and convincing, which just leaves both of us even more confused and not sure just what it is that God wants for our family in this regard!  We covet your prayers as we seek God's plan for us in the education arena!

-We've been doing family worship time for a little over a week now.  I have to admit, it has been hard to carve out this time each day, which is both embarrassing and telling!  We both want to make it more of a priority and have really enjoyed this time with the kids.  Sophie especially seems to be grasping several new things with the catechisms we've been doing.  Ethan loves the songs.  He just lights up every time Kevin pulls out the guitar.  What a joy this time has been and I look forward to it everyday!  It's one of the things that is making our school decision even harder.  As hard as it is to make sure we do this everyday now, how will we do it once she has to be at school 7-8 hours a day?  Ahhhh!  So many things to think about!

-I have also started growing just a few veggies.  Not sure why, but this excites me soooo much!  I love watching them grow.  I love waking up each morning and seeing more seedlings and that each one is taller than it was when I went to bed.  It has been a great tool to teach Sophie about how things grow and how God has made each little seed and He knows whether or not each one will grow or fail, etc.  And if He knows that much about a tiny little seed, just think how much He knows about us!  If He makes sure those little seeds have the air, water, and sunlight they need, how much more will He be sure that we have all we need, as well?  I am in such amazement of this mighty God!!!!

I think that's all for today! 

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