April 06, 2011

I must be getting older...

...because my kids are now older!  That's right, this week Sophie turned 5 and Ethan turned 2.  Wow, where has the time gone?!?!?!?!  Just a few thoughts hit me this week.

First, here are a few things I've learned that boys do not need to be taught (well, at least my boy):
--to laugh when someone burps
--to laugh when someone farts
--to refuse to pee on the toilet, but as soon as you hit the bath water, here comes the pee
--to pick on your sister (in love, of course)
--to love mom like crazy
--to want to be like daddy

And some things you don't have to teach girls (or, we at least didn't have to teach our girl):
--to smile real sweet in order to get whatever it is you want
--to shed tears at the drop of the hat in any given situation (real or fake ones for dramatic effect)
--to not have to go to the bathroom until the grocery cart is completely full and daddy's not there to watch it while we are in the bathroom
--to give mom big hugs when you notice it's been a bad day
--to melt daddy's heart with one look or word

Oh, how precious these days are and oh, how quickly they will fly by.  We are desperately trying to make the most of each day, but each day seems to just go by faster and faster!  Lord, help us to use each moment we get to love them, cherish them, and most of all, point them to You.  Show us how to love them in a way that always points them to You and their need for You in their lives.  Show us how to be stern, yet loving, disciplined, yet sensitive to every need!  Lord, help us to be parents who love our children more each day as we learn to lean on You and trust You with our whole lives.

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