April 20, 2011

Everything (non-spiritual) I needed to know about life, I learned in my Acting 1 Class

Oddly enough, these thoughts came to me this past Sunday in our Marriage God's Way Sunday School study.  As we were talking about communication, etc. with married couples, these random thoughts popped in my head.  But, I promise I was paying attention to you, Bro. Jeff!

1) Acting is reacting.   It sure seems life is mostly about reacting, huh?  I mean, very rarely are we ever truly in control of anything, we're just reacting to things around us.  And those reactions reveal much about us.  It reveals our true hearts, most of all.
2) You are never "just" doing anything. On stage, you're never "just", say, pouring tea.  Your character is pouring tea, serving their master, eavesdropping, and thinking about their fiancee, all at the same time.  Such is life.  Even when doing something as simple as watching TV, are you ever really "just" watching TV? 
3) If context is King, SUBTEXT is Queen! For those of you who may not have taken an acting class I'll explain subtext (don't be surprised when you think, "Gee!  I've known about this all along, just didn't have a word for it!")  Subtext is basically what you are really thinking, feeling, or trying to achieve, whether that's what you say out loud or not!  See, I told you you knew what it was!  You can't tell me you don't know how important subtext is!!!  How many arguments have erupted from the fact that we try to hide what we are really meaning, but the other person clearly understood what we really meant?!?!?!
4) Ape acting. OK, there's really no correlation here, I just wanted to see if you were really still reading.  I do remember Weast reading us a story about how apes act when there's danger or something, but I have to admit that I don't remember the application!  Don't kill me, Weaster!
5) Always yawn just before going on stage. Doesn't that sound silly?  Well, try it next time!  It loosens your jaw and lets out a lot of anxiousness and just calms you down before you step out into the spotlight!  And you know what, we would all do well, the next time we're really upset about something, to step to the side and have a big yawn.  Then, once we're a little calmer, go back and handle the situation!  I know I could stand to do that more often!  Of course, in those situations, it may take more than one yawn!  ;)
6) The director has the final say.  I think it's pretty easy to see the applications here.  First, those in authority over you are to be followed.  If you can't follow the authority, then you need to leave the job or whatever.  The other obvious correlation, God knows all, sees all, and is all.  He also controls all.  In the end, He wins. 

I am sure there are more, but at this moment, I can't really think of them!

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