February 12, 2011

College Days, Installment Number 2

Sophomore Year:
I have to be honest and say that I don't remember a whole lot about my sophomore year.  Maybe it just wasn't exciting enough or maybe I was just too busy, who knows!  The thing I remember most about that year is that Kevin and Lauren spent the spring semester at Harlaxton while they were filming The Haunting there.  We sure missed them, but, in the dorms, we were reaping the benefits of the group that left.  I lived on the 3rd floor of Pulliam that semester, which was a lot of fun, but got even more fun in the spring because 6 of the 7 students that went to England that semester came from our floor!  We ended up with like 3 empty rooms and only about 8 people living on that floor.  It was nice!  And even better, the room that now belongs to the RA on that floor was still a TV room then!  It's really the only time in college I watched much TV because no one was ever in there!  Q and I would sit in there and do homework on Wed. nights.  It was relaxing and fun!

One of the fun things I remember is that in New Ed, we all got Spice names that year!  (Yes, that is when the Spice Girls were popular and Heather Creeth was a huuuuuuuge fan!)  Let's see, we had Single Spice, World's Most Eligible Bachelor Spice, Scary Theology Spice (ST. Spice for short), Distraction Spice, and Old Spice.  I know there were more, but I just can't remember them at this moment!

I am sure there must have been some kind of drama happening, but I really can't remember any!  I guess God was blessing me with a slow year to prepare me for the next two crazy years!!!!

Junior Year:
This was Weast's final year at HLG and Katsion's first, I think.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of craziness all packed into one year!  One of the first great memories of the year comes right from the set of Schoolhouse Rock Live!  We were on stage and Weast was giving us notes while Dr. K was trying to give instructions to the lighting team.  Of course, we were being totally loud, so he was having to talk really loudly.  But, just as we went completely silent, he says, very loudly, "Go to half!"  I still laugh pretty hard every time I think of that story.  This was also the year of the set falling apart during The Curious Savage.  Man, that was soooo funny.  "Oh dear, I broke your door!"  Best.Improv.Ever!  Lauren Allen, you are my hero!

This was also a crazy year for trying to get things done.  Weast pretty much let the juniors that year take the reins of Schoolhouse, so we were doing lots of work during lots of late nights!  I spent the first 2 months of school very sleep deprived!  All of this was happening at the same time that we were doing our 8 week Stage Make-Up class.  Man, that was so stressful for some reason.  I know that on at least one occasion, I pretty much spent the whole class sitting in Weast's lap crying because the make up just wasn't working out the way I wanted!  Wow!  There's nothing quite like sleep-deprived make-up drama!

I also had my first, actual college boyfriend this year.  Started out great, ended not so well!  We were both Comm Arts majors, so we had every class together.  Ok, he wasn't in New Ed, but that's seriously like the only class we didn't have together!  So, while we were dating it was a good time for all involved.  Of course, with the horribly rough break up we had, life was miserable for all involved the next semester!  But, again, God is good and we were able to put all that behind us and get back to being human beings again!

It was during my time in summer New Ed before this year began that God began moving my heart in another direction.  I am not kidding when I say that every camp we did that summer was studying Isaiah ch. 6.  God was really trying to get a message to me, but I didn't catch on until almost the last camp.  At that camp, I was really struck by the fact that, before he really even knew what he was getting into, Isaiah responded with, "Here am I, send me."  His instructions didn't come until after he said he was willing to do whatever he was asked.  I knew that I had pretty much put God in a box and already told him what I was and wasn't willing to do for Him.  He really opened my eyes that I needed to be willing to do whatever He asked, to use whatever gifts He had given me, regardless of my opinion of how much of that gift He had given, for Him.  It was shortly after that I felt Him leading me to audition for Praise Song.  This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of my comfort zone!  I love singing, but I'm not that great, my voice isn't very strong, and I've never studied anything with music or singing, so I wasn't really sure what He was up to.  Even more, that meant I had to go to Weast and tell her that I was planning to audition for Praise Song.  I remember being so nervous to do that!  I had no idea what her response would be, but she was very supportive.  So, I began preparing for the audition, went, and had no idea what the outcome would be.  As most of you know, I made the group and prepared myself to leave the comfort of New Ed and head into the new world of Praise Song!  That decision would change my life forever...in a great way!  But, you'll have to wait until my senior year to hear all about it!

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