February 14, 2011

College Days, The Final Installment!

Well, as it's Valentine's Day and the best thing that happened to me my senior year, happened on Valentine's Day, it's appropriate to finish the story today!

My senior year of college was so different than any of the other years.  I was only involved in one theatre production, and then only because it was written and directed by one of my best friends.  I had switched from New Ed to Praise Song, and Weast was gone, not to mention that I was graduating and had no idea what I wanted to do after I finished.  But, God had a plan!  Who knew that making the move from New Ed to Praise Song would seriously change my life in such a huge way!  That's where I met Kevin.  He was a freshman that year (insert "robbing the cradle" jokes here.)  He was Praise Song's guitar player, but it was just as much God's hand that he was there as it was for my being there!  See, when Kevin first came to check out HLG he planned to try out for the baseball team.  By some fluke...ok, it was no fluke, it was God, when he was visiting his brother (who was an HLG student and pitcher on the baseball team) he found out about Praise Song and ended up auditioning for that instead of the baseball try out!  Boy, am I glad he did!  Thank you Lord, for changing our paths, even when it seems like it doesn't make any sense!

Anyway, throughout the year Kevin and I got to be close friends and would even stay up late at night instant messaging on the computer.  That year was the first year they had a date auction where they let girls participate (I may have that fact wrong, I didn't really attend the date auctions), and for some unknown reason, I decided to participate.  I have no idea what possessed me to do such a thing, but I thought, "Hey, Kevin Allen is doing it, I can, too!"  Just to ease your mind's, that is not the philosophy with which I live my life!  (Sorry, Kev!)  Anyway, that night became a turning point for us.  It turns out that some friends of ours (I think Marcus and Michelle Hurt, Jessica Bonvillianand maybe even a few others) bought both of us and told us to just go on a date together.  We had that date on Valentine's Day 2001.  That's the night we started dating and we've been together ever since! 

Of course, more happened to me my senior year than that, but it all pales in comparison!  I remember feeling very stressed and very worried because I had no idea what in the world I was going to do once I graduated.  The only thing I really had a passion for was acting, but didn't see anything I would be doing with that!  So, I graduated without a job and headed into the summer still clueless (and without that "ring by spring"....and no...I didn't get my money back!)  Two weeks before school started in the Fall of 2001, I got a job as a teacher's aide in a special ed class.  One week after school started, the teacher quit and I ended up as a permanent sub in the class (Yes, feel free to laugh or choke, either would be appropriate!)  I loved the kids, but believe me, teaching is not my gift, especially with 1-5 grade special ed students!  We played a lot of UNO (though, you'd be amazed the amount of social skills one can learn from that game) and watched a lot of School House Rock, and even the occasional Veggie Tales (if you cut off King George and the Rubber Ducky before QWERTY takes over, there aren't any Biblical references!), but they learned very little!  Then, in January I moved to Dallas to work at Prestonwood Baptist church, first as a welcome desk receptionist, then as a ministry assistant.  While there, I also helped out in the children's department where my friend Kevin was writing their scripts.  It was while I was at Prestonwood that I met Willie Aames while he was playing Bibleman.  Their children's minister hooked me up with them after the show and less than a month later I was out in Hollywood doing a costume fitting, then headed to Portland to film my first 2 episodes.  Of course, all this happened about a week after I had accepted a job as an admissions rep for HLG, so I had to go to Dr. Carty and ask him for two weeks off pretty much as soon as I started working!  Very glad that he said yes!

Anyway, from there, I think most of you know the story!  Thanks for keeping up with me!  I know that I wasn't as good at outlining how amazingly present God's hand was at all times, but I hope you were able to see it anyway!  God is good!  He always has a plan, regardless of whether or not we can see it.  Thank you, Lord, for seeing all, knowing all, and never forsaking us!  And, Lord, thank you for that sweet Valentine's date 10 years ago that started a relationship that is still going strong today!  I haven't always been the best wife or mother, but thanks for the blessings you have lavished upon me, anyway!

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