January 31, 2011

So Amazed!

Wow! The kids, both of them, seem to be doing so many new things lately!

Ethan Update:
He is saying even more new words now: dark, thank you (sort of...but he signs it really well, so that's a help!), stop it (one guess who that is direct to most of the time!), drink, cup, Betty and Sue (his SS teachers), Shea (the little girl our music minister adopted), apple, cupcake (cu cake---he has a bit of a sweet tooth!), duck, sheep, cow, puppy, pig, dog, movie and I am sure there are some I am forgetting! He likes to do the sounds for cow, dog, duck, sheep, pig (that one's a little garbled!) and horse. He is all over the place, all the time, and into everything! He has the sweetest little smile that just lights up any room (which I am sure you saw in several of the pics!) Of course, he also has a bit of a temper and has gotten more than one spanking for making some bad choices about his attitude!!! But, he is just 20 months old, so we try to remember that when he's driving us crazy with the whining noise!

Sophie Update:
Sophie also seems to be doing tons of new things, which, for some reason, seems surprising to me! Seems like she should be at an age where she's done doing new things for a year or two, you know, once she's in school! Guess not! Kevin has really been working with her on reading the clock, both a digital and a regular clock. She has no problem reading the digital clock, and she's just a day or two away from being able to do the other! That's crazy! Some days I can't read either clock and I'm 32! She did her first crossword puzzle today. Now, granted, it was in a kindergarten readiness book and each word was only three letters and there was a picture as the clue for each word, but I only had to help her with the first 2 before she caught on to how they work! She is really doing well with reading! She reads the signs and banners and labels and what not everywhere we go! It's fun listening to her try and sound out all those words...just a reminder every time about how crazy complicated and weird this English language is! She has now learned all 66 books of the Bible, Psalm 23 and The Beatitudes. Still working to help her understand the last two, but hey, even I don't fully understand, so I guess she's doing pretty well! Can't believe that she goes to school this fall. I think we will be pretty lost around here without her for the first few weeks!

Kevin and I:
Kevin and I are doing well, too. Kevin has been terribly busy with the business these last 3 or 4 months, which is a total blessing from God! It sure is hard to feel like we never see him, but we know that the work could end at any time and that every job is from the Lord, so we continue to praise and thank Him for all He has done and will do. I still find myself struggling a bit to get up earlier than the kids each morning to have a good, solid Bible study, but the baby steps are going well. I am really enjoying the studies we've done in SS and small group and am looking forward to our newest studies in each. Hannibal is supposed to get like 12-18 inches of snow in the next day or so, so we may be getting lots of quality family time this week! I am just hoping that the power stays on. It could be a long few days if there's no electricity in this house!!!! But, at least it's cold enough outside to put all the food out there and hopefully not lose any of it! That wouldn't be the case in the summer. Just another way God is in control and blessing us in the tiny things!

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