January 11, 2011

A little of this, a little of that!

I have been trying my new "schedule" of getting up early for exercise and Bible Study for about a week now.  I have done great at getting up early and the Bible study, not so much with the exercise.  In fact, I must admit I only did exercise one day.  But, baby steps, right?  And oddly, I don't feel like a failure for missing out on that part.  I get lots of exercise chasing around Sophie and Ethan and even more with all the trips I make up and down the stairs each day (not that any of that is substitute for strength training and much needed cardio exercise) so, for now, I am willing to count that!  I also have to admit that I am not getting up happily each morning, either.  It takes all I have each morning to drag myself out of bed!  But, I am doing it and I've had some great prayer times and some great study times!!  Thank you Lord, for getting me up, even if it's at the crack of dawn!  The time has been soooooo worth it!

Ethan is just amazing me lately with how much he is learning to say.  Just in the last week he has probably already picked up ten new words that he actually uses and he can now repeat pretty much anything  you say!  He has recently started saying milk, drink (gink), knee, monkey (money), hand, up, help, daddy work, Sis Sis, yucky, stinky (tinky), Bible, book, hammer (sort of), and I am sure there are more, but I can't think of them at this moment.  I mean seriously, a week ago, he wasn't saying any of these words and he couldn't repeat half of what you say!  How is he old enough to be able to do this?  Where has the time gone?  This is truly insane and I am not prepared for this!

Sophie has said so many funny things in the last 24 hours and I so wish that I had written them down because all of you would have enjoyed them.  The way her mind works is a complete mystery to me, but it always brings a smile, for sure!  Kevin had just a little to do to finish up a job today, so he let Sophie go with him.  She wanted to take a box of band aids with them just in case daddy got hurt so she could fix him up right there.  Is that sweet or what?  I pray everyday that she never loses that sweet, loving spirit!  May she grow into her name: Wisdom and Grace!

Well, I think that's about all the update that I have for now!  Hope you enjoyed the last few videos that I posted!

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