December 30, 2010

In Need of some Ideas

Well, I am back again to admit that my trying to stick to a schedule without being anal about it is still a dismal failure!  But, I am determined to find that happy medium.  I have decided to turn to all you wonderful people out there for some ideas:

--So, I need to get into the routine of getting up earlier and getting the day started with Bible study and exercise.  Honestly, Kevin and I don't go to bed all that late because I can barely stay awake past 9, but I still find it hard to get up and get going before the kids are up of a morning.  How do you all do it?  Right now, I honestly think that 6 a.m. is about the earliest I can do, but the kids are up between 7 and 7:30, which doesn't leave time for the two things I want to get done before they get up.  Any suggestions?  What works for you?  I also feel like it's important for the kids to see me reading the Word and studying and praying, but haven't totally figured out how to do that and be able to actually focus on the studying at the same time.  Sophie asks question after question, so it's hard to get through anything, which is why I want to try and do a decent amount of time with that before they are awake so I can actually focus on what I am doing!
--I worked some this semester with Sophie on her "homework"...we did a journal pretty much every morning and we did various worksheets most days, but I want to be a little more scheduled with it.  Is it best to try and do a little of each subject each day or just do one or two subjects per day?  I don't want her hating school before she gets there, but she really does enjoy doing the work.  My two big goals I have for her before summer are to be able to read a clock (not the digital kind) and tie her shoes.  She is already doing really well at sounding words out when reading or writing them and I am pretty sure she is better than I am at math!  I am going to start reading some short chapter books to her, one chapter at a time, to see if she can remember and follow the story when she's never heard it before and she's not reading the whole thing at once.  Any suggestions on books?
--How can I keep Ethan engaged/occupied/not feeling left out while I am working with Sophie?  I try not to do more than about 20 or 30 minutes at a time with her because that's already longer than her attention span (big apologies to her Kindergarten teacher next year!), but I don't want him to feel like I am just tossing him to the side.  We did get him a desk/easel for Christmas to put in his room so he can have his markers and paper and coloring stuff in there, so hopefully that will be a bit of a help in this area.

Hope this made sense!  Look forward to hearing a few responses...and thanks in advance for the help!

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