October 19, 2010

Names, Names, Names

Maybe it's because there are so many people having babies, I don't know, but I have really been thinking about names lately.  Names and their importance and significance.  In Biblical times, what a person named their child was uber important.  The meaning of the name meant more than whether it would sound good or weird or whatever. 

So, I'd love to hear about your children's names, what they mean, why you picked them.  Most people have some kind of meaning or story behind the name choices for their kids, and I want to hear it.  Just to get you started, I'll share mine!  As you know, we aren't very good at coming up with names ahead of time in our house!  And, even though we hadn't discussed Sophia before she was born, it was always in the back of my mind.  I knew that it meant wisdom, which meant a lot to me.  I feel as though wisdom is one of the things I really lack in my life!  I wanted that name because I knew I could then pray that God would help her grow into that name and that it would truly become synonymous with her personality.  Her middle name is Anne.  Both my mom's and Kevin's mom's middle names are Ann, so I was pretty sure I wanted to get that in there, but I wanted to add the "e"...mainly because I think it looks pretty!  It also means grace.  Again, another thing that I could pray over her...that she would grow to be a person who pours out grace on others and a person who comes to understand the fullness of God's grace.  When we got pregnant with Ethan, I knew instantly that I wanted to pick a first and middle name that meant the same things as Sophie's (Wisdom and Grace).  There are a plethora of those names for girls...not so much for boys!  So, once we found out we were having a boy, my search almost came to a complete stop.  Then I read somewhere that Ethan the Ezrahite had written Psalm 89 (a beautiful Psalm of remembrance of all God has done).  I read that in Biblical times Ethan (and they presume it is the same one who wrote Psalm 89) was the second wisest man alive, second only to King Solomon.  So, of course, I settled on this name pretty quickly, and Sophie picked up on it quickly, but it took awhile for Kevin to come around!  ;)  Kevin chose the middle name, James, mainly because that was the book of the Bible he was reading at the time (though I must wonder if it had anything to do with his college roommate, James "Jimmy" Snowden!  JK).  That's what Ethan's name means for us, though they literally mean "strong, firm, impetuous" and "supplanter".

So, tell me your names and stories!  Can't wait to hear them!!!!!

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