October 22, 2010

Christmas Presents

So, Kevin and I are thinking of doing something a little different with the kids for Christmas this year.  We really want to teach them that they not only need to be thankful for the abundance that God has given them, but also they need to be giving out of that abundance (because it's all God's to begin with) to help others.  I got the Samaritan's Purse gift catalogue this week and an idea came to me.  It's nothing new and I am sure many of you have done or are doing similar things.  We've decided that, though we will get the kids some stocking stuffers and 1 or 2 bigger gifts, we are doing to decide on a dollar amount for each child, then let Sophie pick gifts out of the catalogue, and those will be their Christmas gifts this year.  They will be helping to buy Bibles, food, school supplies, etc. for children around the world who don't have those kinds of things.  Just curious if anyone out there has ever done this or is doing something similar this year.  We would like this to become a Christmas tradition here in the McSmith house and just wanted some advice or cool ideas to make this something memorable and something they truly learn from and look forward to each year.  Your ideas and thoughts are much appreciated!

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