September 09, 2010

Scary Day, Great God

Well, it's been a bit of a scary day here in the McSmith household, but one in which God's hand has been extremely evident!

Today was the day our playgroup was planning to head out to the local alpaca farm for a morning of fun!  Sophie and I were both pretty excited.  But, when she woke up this morning, Sophie said she wasn't feeling well and she wanted me to take her temperature.  Now, this is not uncommon in our house as Sophie just loves to use the forehead thermometer, so I didn't think much of it.  But, I went ahead and took her temp and, lo and behold, she actually had a fever. I wasn't totally sure what to do, but Kevin decided that since he really needed to do office work today, he could stay home with Sophie and Ethan and I could head on over to the alpaca farm with the playgroup. 

While at the farm, I got a call from Kevin.  Shortly after we left, he had gone upstairs to get Sophie something to drink.  When he came back down, Sophie was having a seizure.  It was mostly her face that was twitching, but she couldn't look at him and couldn't respond to him.  He scooped her up, put her in the car, and headed to the ER.  When they got to the ER, her temp was 102.8.  They gave her some Motrin, did blood work, and got her some Popsicles.  Her fever started to go down almost immediately and Kevin said it didn't take long for her to get back to her normal self.  The blood work came back and she has a virus, so there's really nothing we can give her, other than Tylenol and Motrin.  She is home now and fast asleep.  We need to monitor her temp and be sure we keep giving her lots of fluids and if the Motrin doesn't reduce the fever, we'll have to take her back to the ER. 

All of that sounds pretty depressing, but I can't help but see God's hand all over it!  First of all, I think it truly was a gift from God that Ethan and I weren't there.  I would have been a wreck and a hindrance to getting her the care she needed.  I can't even imagine trying to have Ethan in the ER with us while she was having a seizure and getting blood drawn!  Kevin is so calm and steady in situations like that and God blessed all of us by his being there!  Second, when I left the house this morning, I had forgotten to take Sophie's seat out in case Kevin would need it.  At the last minute I remembered and turned around and left the seat in his car!  And, of course, the God Who Heals had His hand on our little Sophie the whole time!  How amazing that we can see Him, even in the little things, at all times if we just look! 

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