September 23, 2010

Jesus Paid it All

On Wednesday evening, the band will be leading the worship for our church's revival.  One of the songs we will be singing is Jesus Paid It All/O Praise the One.  As we were rehearsing it last night, I was reminded of the last time we sang this song, over 5 months ago.  The last time we sang this song, some dear friends were going through a bit of a trial with someone in their life who wasn't a Christian and was trying to cause trouble for them.  I was so convicted when we sang the words, "Lord now indeed I find , thy power and thine alone can change the lepers spots, and melt the heart of stone."  I remember at that moment having to admit to God that I believed 100% that He could change men's hearts, but that I had no desire to ask Him to change this man's heart, though I knew it would be best for him and for all involved in the situation, if He were to see His need for God to come into his heart and change his life.  I didn't want this man to change, I just wanted this man to disappear.  What a horrible thing to think about one of God's creations!  The Bible clearly tells us that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made and that He desires to see all come to Him, yet I was acting as if this man was nothing more than an annoying bug flying around all of our heads.  I was struck again last night as we sang those same words.  This time, I was clinging to the truth of these words, this time, begging God to do this mighty work in several family members who truly need their spots changed and their hearts of stone melted.  I have actually been praying this for these dear people in my life.  What a difference in my reaction!  God has softened my heart toward the other man and I have been praying for him, as well, and can now pray these words for him, as well.  God melted my heart toward this man and helped me to see him, not as a mere annoyance to be dealt with, but as one of God's creations in need of the Creator Himself!  Thank you, Lord, for continuing to work in my heart and mold me into someone who desires to know You and praise You in all things.  Thank you for being the only one who can melt hearts and change lives!

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