June 08, 2010

He Knows My Name

So, for some reason this song was really on my mind the other day and it brought back some great memories. As many of you may know, Kevin and I aren't well known for being able to pick baby names very quickly. When we were pregnant with Sophie, we didn't know what we were having, so we needed to be ready with a boy name and a girl name. Now, as anal as I am about being prepared and ready, you would think that by week 2, I would have been ready to go. Not so much. In fact, Sophie didn't have a name until about 10 minutes after she was born. With Ethan, we did find out what we were having, so one would think that, knowing it was a boy, it would have been much easier to have a name ready. Again, I say not so much! Even when he got here, we still hadn't totally settled on a name and once we did choose one, he still went at least 24 hours without a middle name! Anyway, getting to what this has to do with this song...we were leading worship one Sunday morning while I was still pregnant with Ethan and we were singing this song. I had been feeling kind of down because we hadn't chosen a name yet and I was actually a little jealous of friends who had just had a baby and had chosen their name months in advance of that sweet little girl's arrival. They were able to call her by name, pray for her by name, talk about her by name, talk to her by name...but we couldn't do any of that! I was so jealous and feeling like a bad parent for having to refer to my baby as simply Brother. God hit me so hard right in the heart when we started singing this song that I almost couldn't sing. My child has a maker and that maker knows his name, even if I don't! That maker formed him and knew everything about him before I knew him, knew his name, or even held him for the first time. It didn't matter if I knew his name, because God knew his name. As confident as I was that God knew me, I could be that confident that He knew that little boy growing inside of me. Whether or not I knew his name wasn't nearly as important as the fact that the God of the universe, the one who flung the stars in the sky and the One who knit this little man in my womb, knew his name, hair color, eye color, everything about him. And He always will! Hope you enjoy the song...and those of you out there waiting the arrival of your precious ones and still don't have a name...take heart.."He knows my name..."

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