May 10, 2010

Working In Your Strengths...

Yeah, that was the title for our FPU class tonight. Boy, it really made me think. I know what my strengths are...organization, remembering the details, getting things done, and being bossy. Pretty much, I should be a personal assistant...if I were single and had no children, I would make a better "Mrs. Landingham" than Mrs. Landingham! I am great at making order out of other people's chaos, keeping things moving on time, and getting the task done well...well, at least I am good at that in a job type home...chaos is king, I can't get on a schedule to save my life, and my house constantly looks like a tornado went through it. So, since my job is being a mom and taking care of the house, I guess that means I should be fired? Not sure! But, I really am going to buck up and work harder to get more organized here. First thing, getting things ready for a yard sale to get rid of a lot of the clutter in the house. Man, we have so much stuff that we just don't use and don't need. I don't even know why we bought or kept most of it!

The lesson also talked about making a three year career plan...hard to do at this point...but...then I three years I will only be a year away from having both kids in school! WOW! It feels like I'll have 10 years before I have an "empty" house 7 hours of the day. What will I do with my time then? Will I go back to work part-time? If so, what is it that I want to do? Are there steps that I need to be taking now in order to get ready or that? Then, I step back and see that, due to my control-freak nature and need to be run by a schedule and clock, that I must take things one day at a time! Today has enough trouble of it's own and I don't need to be borrowing from tomorrow's. I can make a "dream" plan of what I think I may want to be doing in three years, but I get to love on, hug, teach, play, and spend my days with two of the sweetest kids in the world...and that's the best, albeit hardest some days, job in the world. I feel so blessed to be able to be home with my kiddos during this time in their lives. Lord, help me to enjoy everyday, make the most of every teachable moment You place in my path, and never forget that it all comes from you!

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  1. whats funny is so many of us focus on strengthening our weaknesses, and never even think about how productive it would be to build on our strengths. for real. thanks for the reminder.