November 26, 2009

More Nostalgia

So, my dad found the floppy disc (yes, floppy old person jokes, please) that contained all the information for my senior performance, Apt. 5048. It was a lot of work and a lot of fun! My roommate Julie and I put together a variety show where we could sing all the songs that we liked the most...and could wear all the fun costumes we had always wanted to wear, but didn't get to! And, believe it or not, we got an A!!!! Here is the show order:
Opening Video

Music of the Night: Jason Hendrickson

Emcees #1

Makin’ Whoopee: Heather, Ryan, and Julie


You Make Me Feel So Young: Kristine Rost

Emcees #2

Phantom of the Opera: Julie Miller and Jason Hendrickson

Emcees #3

Paper Moon: Heather Hazelwood and Cory Combs

Emcees #4

Boogie Woogie…: Julie, Heather and Kristine; Marcus on trumpet; 4

Emcees #5

Buttercup: Kevin Allen and Chris Dennis

The Way You Look Tonight: Julie miller and costume parade

Emcees #6

Guys and Dolls: Ryan Black and Cory Combs

Wishin’ and Hopin’: Kristine, Julie, Lauren and Heather

Emcees #7

Annie: Kevin Allen

Emcees #8

Summer Lovin’: Julie and Marcus (Taylor, Mitch, Emily, Ryan, Kristine,
Carl, Heather and Kevin M.)

Hopelessly Devoted: Julie Miller (Amber following)

Video (thank you and goodbye)

Emcees #9

Teddy Bear: Michael Harrelson (Jessica and Michelle screaming girls)

One That I Want: Julie and Marcus (with Greasers and Pink Ladies)

We Go Together: Full Cast

Children's Choir

This is before her bow fell out and she had her melt down!

November 03, 2009

Our Wedding

Just the other day I ran across the CD we had made of all our wedding songs...oh, that brought back memories. Here is a little video I put together to the wedding march that Kevin arranged and recorded because I wanted something different for our wedding. He did an awesome job!

Bibleman 2

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all your prayers for the Bibleman team this weekend. We had a great time and things went well! There were close to 100 children who received Christ!!! What a blessing it is to be part of this ministry.