October 06, 2009

Random Musings

It has been forever, it seems, since I sat down and wrote an actual post...I have sat at the computer several times, but had nothing to say...then the times I had something to write, there just wasn't the time. Sophie has said so many cute things...wish I had written them down because I so don't remember them now! Hope you've enjoyed the videos that I have posted. Man, I have really enjoyed having a camera that does video with sound!!!! So, be ready, there will be many more videos to come!! I'll probably stick to putting the pics on FaceBook. Anyway, here are just some random things I have been thinking:

--I love fall! I love that it's warm enough to need light, long sleeves or a light jacket, but not cold enough to need a parka. And the leaves changing are so beautiful. What a beautiful time of year. I am so glad that God created this beauty for us to see and remind us of His love and faithfulness.
--The other day, though I can't remember what we were talking about, Sophie actually looked at me and said, "Mom, that's not practical." Where did she get that?
--Why is it that I can memorize a script in mere minutes, but I can't seem to memorize scripture to save my life...unless it's in a script? I am working on this, but it sure is coming along slowly!
--I love my church. It is full of great people with such loving hearts. They love me and my family and take such good care of us!
--I LOVE CHILDREN'S THEATRE! I went to a show today and it brought back so many memories. Children's shows are so much fun...kids react to everything and have so much fun with the shows that, as an actor, you have no choice but to have fun right along with them! Oh, I can't wait until I can be in another one!
--I am still working on getting something of a schedule to be sure that I get in all I need to get in during the day. I almost have something that works, but it really is still a work in progress. It's really hard for me trying to have a schedule and not be consumed with the schedule and the time...but it is getting better.
--I really enjoy chocolate milk, hot chocolate, and well, chocolate.
--I am much more prideful than I ever realized, it's just that I think I am passive aggressive about my pride. So many times I am serving so that I can feel better and feel useful, not because I have the heart of servant. I sooo desire the heart of a servant. I am still praying fervently that God will remove the pride and replace it with His heart of service!

Well, I better get heading to bed so I can be ready for the day tomorrow. Things have been good here. Everyday is an adventure and I am enjoying the ride!

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