September 17, 2009

Football Season Really is Here Again

Tonight I got to go watch my oldest nephew play in a football game here in town tonight. I think this is only the 2nd game I've been to since graduating high school. It seems so weird! As I was sitting there watching the game, I couldn't help but remember what an important thing games were every Friday night from the time I was in middle school until I graduated high school. I come from a small IL town where there was just nothing that compared to football, whether the team was actually good or not!

There was nothing like the excitement during school on Fridays! All week long, you were just wondering whose football jersey you were going to wear that week (unless you were dating someone, then you already knew, which I wasn't, so it was always something to look forward to and dread at the same time!) I was in student council all through high school, and it just so happened that SC ran the concession stand each week. But, I was also on the drill team, which got me out of having to work in the concession stand (thank goodness...I still can't make change to save my life)...but that meant that we had to help set up and clean up instead. Oh, the hours my cousin (that's right, the town is small enough that I went to school with relatives that weren't my sisters! I even had several of the same teachers my parents and aunts and unlces had!) Amanda and I spent trying to clean the nacho cheese out of the crock pot. If only they'd had crock pot liners in those days! I loved the nights when it was just cool enough for long sleeves, but not cold enough to freeze. There was nothing better than a handmade lemon shake-up, Frito pie, a cup of hot chocolate, and a Big Red football game on a Friday night. Sitting there at the game tonight even made me miss it a bit...which I thought would never happen! Aww the memories!

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