September 04, 2009

The End of an Era

So, though I didn't know it until late in the day, today was the last football game between my high school alma mater and their rival for over 50 years. Next school year, the two schools, Girard and Virden, will be one school. That is so weird to think of at the moment. I mean, you could have friends from Virden and even date people from Virden, but there was one week each school year where there was no one worse than someone living in Virden. Strangely, though, I don't feel the sentimental attachment to it that I thought I would. I was on the drill team, volleyball team, in the choir, and even was a cheerleader in 8th grade, but there isn't really the feeling of loss or sadness I thought I would have. Not really sure what that means. I thought I had school pride when I was there, but not so much feeling it now...though, I am sure that if I had been at mom's this weekend, there's no way I would have missed that game. If it wasn't for Face Book, I probably wouldn't even know much of what is going on in the lives of those I went to school with, back in the day. I don't even know where I am going with this post, just the random thoughts in my head right now. I still can't believe there won't be a GHS next year. Though I wasn't extremely outgoing or had a lot of really close friends in high school, I did enjoy it and had a good time. It is sad that others will not get to have that experience at HLG, but hopefully the students will be able to get a better education and be more prepared for college. Girard didn't win the game tonight...but there should be a few more chances with a few other sports in this final season for the Girard Big Red!

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  1. I didn't realize they were combining!! I know Carlinville keeps trying to combine with someone, but everyone keeps telling them no.. by the way kids are adorable..