August 11, 2009

Sophie says...

  • While Kevin was reading her Bible to her at bedtime: Kevin: One day Jesus will come back and take those who are His children with him to Heaven. Sophie: Does Jesus have a car? Kevin: No, he won't need a car. We'll fly there. Sophie: Oh, then we're going to need capes!
  • While staring in the mirror: You know why I'm looking in the mirror? It's because I'm so cute!
  • When we pulled into Applebee's for dinner: Sophie: What is this place? Grandma Gail: It's Applebee's. Sophie: Oh...I don't like bees, but I do like apples.
  • Singing a song along with the radio: Oh no, You never let go, through the comet, through the snow.
  • She calls the villain from Larry Boy and the Angry Eybrows Uncle Alvin...his name is Angry Alvin, but you'll never convince her of that!

I am so sure there are many more hilarious things that she is said, they just aren't coming to me now...but stay tuned, I am sure there will be many more posts like this...and I can't wait until I get to add some for Ethan...and I'm even more excited to add all the funny things they will start saying to each other when that time comes!!!!

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  1. ana-maria lazaroiuAugust 23, 2009 at 8:51 AM

    :)God bless you Sophie!!!
    so cute!!!