August 09, 2009

Since Kevin left a week ago...

-Ethan started cutting teeth.
-Sophie forgot how to use the potty.
-Apparently I can no longer tell the difference between Ethan's shorts and Sophie's shorts!
-I've realized how truly blessed I am that I am not a single mother! Kevin does so much more than I ever realized!
-Ethan just might be ready to move up to the next size diaper. Where did all the time go?
-I've put on at least 5 pounds because I eat without anyone to talk to after Sophie goes to bed.
-The West Wing has suddenly not been as funny without him here...or that could just be a figment of my imagination.
-I started and finished one novel and am halfway through another.
-I cut and dyed my hair.
-Did I mention I really missed having him around?
-I have become much more excited to see that I have something waiting for me in my inbox.
-I watched almost an entire Monk marathon...I am now a huge fan and sad that I didn't really catch on until the last season!
-I spent a week at mom's with my kids and my two youngest nieces. We had lots of fun!
-I remembered that I don't sleep well without Kevin...been a long week!
-I have had more soda than I have had in the last two months...must start drinking more water! Maybe the soda has something to do with the weight gain!
-Remembered how much I love watching Marlee Matlin on The West Wing. She signs way faster than I can keep up with, but her character is awesome and very witty and funny!
-I have wanted to do nothing but sit on the couch and eat nothing but junk food! Wait, I think I feel that way anyway!
-Oh, I have missed Kevin terribly and am just trying to patiently await his arrival back home.
-I have come to love my family even more...thanks for letting me stay in your home and for coming over to eat!
-I am really missing time just sitting and talking with Kevin, just the two of us. Can't wait for him to get home!!!!!!!!


  1. I love how you complain about your weight. I think you started making comments about your excercise regime a week after your son was born. Maybe you should pray to lose the excess baby weight, God will surely answer those prayers!

  2. Well, not sure the prayer would help without the effort on my part, and I am working on it. I know that I complain about it, and I am not going to do that anymore, either. I have realized there are much more important things to spend time thinking about than my weight!