April 06, 2018

How is My Little Girl Almost a Teenager?!?!

Oh, my sweet Sophie girl, how the time has flown! It feels like just yesterday we were finding out we were pregnant. Now you're turning 12.

I love the beautiful young lady the Lord is growing you into more and more each day. You are far more brave than I could ever hope to be. You step out and try new things. You are learning to reach out and help those who are hurting or need a friend. I'm almost 40 and I don't to that!! You have such a loving and giving heart that is a beautiful display of Your heavenly Father's heart.

Your daddy would be so proud of you! He would love the beautiful way you dance so gracefully. He would love that you are enjoying science right now. He would love that you are doing well in math, despite your poor teacher! He would have loved watching you in Snow White. He would be so proud of the great big sister you are. He would be so proud of how you've continued to grow in love and compassion over the last two years when it would have been easier to become angry and bitter. He would have been so proud of how you jumped right into youth group even though you were afraid and unsure if you really want to leave behind the familiar for the new.

I am so sorry that grief has caused you to grow up more quickly than you should have, but it has also shaped your love and compassion toward others. For that, I am grateful. I pray that over the next year the Lord overwhelms you with a passion for His word. I pray that you will dig into Scripture and see and know God more deeply with each word you read. I pray the Lord turns that knowledge into a deep love for the Father who loves you, created you, and gave His Son for you. I pray that this deep love burns brightly for all to see God in you. I pray that deep love for God overflows from you in a love for others. Oh, sweet Sophie, always remember: Love God. Love People. In that order. Look to Him in every trial, question, confusing time. He sees. He knows. He provides.